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Klasyczna Polonia Car Club

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Klasyczna Polonia  (Classic Poland) Car Club

Sunday 19th May 2019 Blenheim Palace

On the Board of Trustees, as many of you know, we have Pawel Ziemba who is Polish with a son called Adam who has AMC. Pavel is very involved with a Polish car club called Klasyczna Polonia. Through this car club Pawel has raised quite a sum of money for TAG. Already some of that money has been put to good use for updating our leaflet for the medical professionals which is slowly being sent out to them.

Critically and fantastically, Pavel has persuaded the Klasyczna Polonia to adopt us as their charity.

On Sunday 19th May 2019 the Polish car club had a ‘car meet’ at Blenheim Palace and we were invited to have a stand there. Amazingly, we were also given a classic Polish moped to raffle off. The people – mainly Poles – visiting ‘the meet’ bought well over £1200 of tickets. The KP themselves had a beautifully restored Polski Fiat being raffled on there stand and we received over £400 as a percentage of their ticket sales. We have also received money from various sponsors and exhibitors at the ‘car meet’. Up to this time we have received over £2000.

Already plans are being made to another ‘car meet’ at Blenheim Palace next year. If it is as good as this year – 250 cars, 200 motorbikes, other exhibits and stands, and probably over 2000 people – it will be great! We will notify you nearer the time of this really great day out next year.

Later on, in the year KP are arranging a London to Scotland Rally and again we will notify you of more details in due course.

Finally, I must thank Pavel and Bartek (the KP organiser) for what they are doing for TAG. More thanks must go to the TAG contingent who had a very long day at the ‘car meet’. These were Dean and Lorraine Broom, Donna, Chris, Sarah Louise, and Brandon Davis, Jon and Jeni Morris and of course my wife Pat. Here are some of the photos of a great day!

Arthrogryposis stand at KP Blenheim

Peter Lacey

KP Blenheim