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New Trustees for TAG

We have new Trustees and treasurer on board bringing their experience and skills to help TAG thrive and so help our members. Welcome and thank you.

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Donna and Chris held a Santa’s Grotto at a local family pub over Christmas to raise money for TAG.  They designed and decorated a grotto and dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus throughout December, where they asked for donations to have pictures taken.  They also attended breakfast with Santa on four separate dates and in total raised £136.45 in donations. They also held a raffle on New Year's Eve where some of our members bought tickets and won prizes, which raised £250. Altogether Donna and Chris raised £386.45 through their Christmas fundraising, so a huge thank you and congratulations to them both.

Have you done any fundraising that we don't know about? Or have you got something coming up, or are currently planning something? If so, then please get in touch because we would love to hear all about it and add them to our next newsletter.

As you all know, the 30th of June is AMC awareness day and this year, we would like our members to do some fundraising to help us raise awareness and funds for TAG. The trustees have come up with one idea, which we would love for you all to join in with us and that is #AMCday #TAGstep. Because AMC affects us all differently and we all have a limited amount of mobility, we have decided on doing steps throughout June but in multiples of 30, so you could do 30 steps a day, 300 steps a day, 3,000 steps a day or 30,000 steps a day, it is completely up to you.  For those of you who can't walk or find it hard to walk, maybe you could do a sponsored silence for 30 minutes a day or get sponsored to wear Blue for the day.  Maybe you have got a better idea on how to raise money, whether it's a cake sale, marathon, sky jump or walk the equivalent of Mount Everest, just let us know. We have set up an event on Just Giving that you can raise money through or link your event to.  You can either go to this link, or once signed into JustGiving, click on events and widgets, click on view & promote events, tick all, then look for #AMCday #TAGsteps.  If that doesn’t work then you can try it this way: Log in, Click ‘Start Fundraising’, Select 'A Charity', Search for TAG, Scroll past campaigns and down to charities and select 'TAG', Click Start in 'Taking part in an event' and then select the #AMCday, #TAGsteps event, to create your event page.  We will also upload it to our social media for you to use.  We have attached a sponsorship form to this email for you to download if needed.   

During December, Donna applied at her local Asda for a raffle prize for her New Year’s Raffle but unfortunately, the letter got lost.  It reappeared in March, which resulted in Donna receiving a phone call apologising and offering to put TAG forward for their local green token scheme.  For those of you who may not know about this scheme, you will find it at most of the large supermarkets e.g., ASDA, Tesco, where once you pay for your shopping, you are given a small green or blue token which you place into a Perspex box in the foyer, allowing you to support a local organisation, charity, or sports team.  

Our voting will go live on 1st of June and will end on 30th September, the best part about it is because of COVID they have started doing it online, so we will email out the voting link at the end of May for you to vote and you can do it once a week.  All we ask is that you share it amongst your families, friends, work colleagues and get everyone to vote for us.  

We are up against a local charity and a local child's football team, but the prizes are:

1st place £500

2nd place £400

3rd place £300 

so, either way we will still be able to raise some money.  

On the 25th of June, there is a local charity family festival close to Donna and Chris in Crosskeys, South Wales, called The Glaston-selfy festival.  It was originally organised for a local lady who attended the Glastonbury Festival each year, but unfortunately couldn’t attend in 2015 due to her being ill with Cancer, so her best friend brought Glastonbury to her, renaming it Glaston-self (Selfy was the friend's surname). Unfortunately, 3 weeks before the event the lady sadly passed away.  Each year, her friend Jayne continues to organise the festival and donates the money raised to Cancer and another local charity, which is different each year.  Donna contacted Jayne and asked if both her and Chris could attend with a table, hand out leaflets and ask for donations to raise money and awareness for TAG.

Jayne has agreed and has also said she would be very happy for TAG the bear to make an appearance too, as the festival is family friendly with children's entertainers, magic shows, inflatables, a play village, and an animal interactive workshop, so there will be something for everyone there.  Good luck to them both.  For those of you who are local and would like to pop along to see us and attend the event, you can buy tickets here, but Saturday tickets are very limited:  Children under 13 can attend for free.   

The trustees have bought plastic donation tubs which they have had permission from some of their local shops, pubs, and bars to leave attached by the tills, to collect change and help us raise money.  If this is something you are interested in, then please contact us, so we can order more and send them directly to you.

Regional Events

As COVID restrictions have ended for now and summer is on the way we hope to have more TAG events.  The trustees are in the middle of researching and booking some regional events already.  Where would you like the events to be?   

Our Treasurer and Trustee Charmaine is keen to have a meet up in the Southeast and is proposing a meeting for TAG members at Colchester Castle Park for the Saturday 25th June, to highlight AMC awareness day as well as have a chat and meet members. More details to come soon, but please if you would like to attend, make sure you save the date.  

Our Secretary Donna and Chairman Chris have arranged for their Welsh get-together to happen in Pontypridd Lido, for a family fun activity session and swim and then a play in the park with a picnic on Saturday 13th August at 12pm.  Please save the date and time but we will confirm and send out booking forms closer to the date.  Please make sure you arrive with the correct Adult to Child ratio, which is, Children aged 4 and under = 1 adult to 1 child; Children aged 5-7 years = 1 adult to 2 children; but if your child is over 7 and a non-swimmer then they will need to be accompanied by an adult.


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