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Peter Writes...

TAG Summer

Well our UK summer weather was pretty poor wasn’t it? In the TAGosphere, though, we have been doing really well! Since I last wrote we have had three regional events and they were all very successful.

The first at the Natural History Museum in London brought out two new families as well as some old friends.

For the second at Margam Park in South Wales we had a glorious hot sunny day which was fortunate as it is an outdoor venue. We had one new family as well as old friends that came along.
The most recent event was at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh and it was really well attended with two new members too.

The Trustees are trying to arrange other get togethers next year. If we can help you organise one we will. Remember though we do not have members everywhere!

At this time we are looking at the Manchester/Liverpool area, Leeds/Bradford area, London again, Bristol, Birmingham, and Scotland again. We are looking at Northern Ireland too! You can see the ‘Mountain is trying to get to all the molehills’!

It’s that time of year again. The Family Weekend!

This year it is at the Holiday Inn, Coventry North just off the M6 at junction 2 on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October, 2017. You can find plenty of details on the TAG Family Weekend page

Please try and make an effort to come to the Family Weekend. Apart from the obvious with the speakers and activities, we believe it is the fact you can meet and chat with other members, parents and children with Arthrogryposis. I am really looking forward to seeing you there.

Could you be a TAG Trustee?

TAG is a registered charity and as such has to abide by certain laws, rules and regulations.
One of the rules is that we have a Board of Trustees to run the charity. Under our rules – the Constitution – we can have up to 9 Trustees. At the AGM we will be down to 6 because of retirees over the year. The Trustees are one of the lifebloods of TAG and new ones can often bring new ideas and innovations. (The Trustees meet 4 times a year – normally somewhere fairly central – at the moment it is in Birmingham. We meet on Saturday from 10.30 to about 4pm. All expenses are met).

If you want to know more about being a Trustee please contact me (Peter Lacey) on 07989582249 or 01530 810744 to have a chat.

Peter Lacey

19 September 2017

TAG Events

The TAG Family Weekend

Family Weekend - faces drawn on fingersThe TAG Family Weekend takes place on  Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017.

We will be gathering together at the Holiday Inn, North Coventry, CV2 2HP just off the M6 at Junction 2. We've chosen Coventry because it is in the Midlands, and the hotel is easily accessible from the motorway.

Want to arrive Friday night? Last year about 13 families arrived did this, adding a greater social element to the weekend. If you're a TAG Member travelling a large distance you might want to consider adding Friday night to your stay. 

Speakers and Subjects  We now have several very interesting speakers coming along. We have a paediatric consultant, and a physiotherapist from Great Ormond Street Hospital. We also hope the top UK maxillofacial consultant, from Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre, will be there too.

We are having an employability workshop, a discussion session for older members, a carers advice group, and Maplins (the electronic group) will demonstrate and talk about having a ‘Smart Home’ (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Hive, Ring, Hue, etc. etc.!).

During all of this, if you have brought children, they will be looked after and entertained all day on Saturday. On Sunday morning there will be time for a chat amongst ourselves before the AGM, and we will finish around midday.

Full details, including the cost, can be found on our dedicated Annual TAG Family Weekend page.

Read about last year's Family Weekend in this short report from Peter Lacey, just to whet your appetite. Family Weekend Report.


TAG News

The TAG Map

TAG Members UK Map 2017We'd like your opinion. The spread of TAG Members is the length and breadth of the UK, and you might not know who is nearby. We'd like to help Members reach out to each other, and thought a good place to start might be a map.

Tell Us What You Think

This map is an example of what we could do. you will see that there is no personal information displayed, only a location.

Here's how it might work:

1.  TAG Members willing to be contacted by other members let TAG know and we keep a list.

2.  Any member who wishes to meet other people from TAG checks out the map to see if someone is nearby and contacts TAG and asks to be put in touch.

We have always said that TAG's greatest strength is in shared experience and getting together to talk.

Although social media such as Facebook makes keeping in touch seem simple these days, many people don't like using it. We want to ensure any Member has a way to talk to other members if they wish to.

As an added bonus - what a great map this is. Look how many of us there are!

Please let us know what you think about displaying a TAG Map, whether you'd be willing to be on a TAG Contact List. Email us using the address or head over to Facebook and comment there.


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