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Trustees Update


The list of Trustees has not been updated for some time. To bring it up to date:

  • Peter Lacey resigned on 12 July 2020
  • Gail Newton resigned on 12 July 2020
  • Dean Broome resigned on 28 April 2020
  • Pawel Ziemba stood down at the October 2019 AGM

At the October 2019 AGM the Trustees were joined by:

  • Vicky Adey who became Treasurer and
  • Jane Rowlett

Elaine Chomyzsak was also elected but found she had subsequent time constraints and withdrew her nomination.

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Elaine Figgins

It is with sadness that I have to tell you of the passing away, after a long battle with cancer, of Elaine Figgins an Orthotist based in Glasgow. 

Elaine was very interested in TAG, and the condition, and the people with AMC. She was a lovely lady and very kind and helpful to our members, always willing to answer queries from people all over the country. Elaine also attended (and spoke0 at several events and conferences.

She trained as an orthotist and was a senior lecturer and subsequently head of department at the National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics at Strathclyde University, before moving to NHS Education for Scotland.

She developed an interest in Arthrogryposis whilst at Strathclyde and worked closely with TAG in the 1990s. It was through her influence and interest that we started the Arthrogryposis clinic in Glasgow and she was assiduous in attending before her diagnosis.



Message from our Chairman

Hi everyone

Here we are 2 months into ‘lockdown’ and I hope you are all keeping well, whether shielding, in self-isolation, or just being careful. I also hope the level of isolation you are in is not getting you down.

As you can imagine the Trustees have not had a lot do during this time, but we have not been idle, inasmuch we have been keeping up with Facebook, preparing the end of year accounts, answering emails, and maintaining some sort of contact with external organisations. We have been setting up Zoom between us and are experimenting having ‘chats’ electronically with the intention of having a remote trustees meeting.

I notice that Charlie Zivanovic and Matt Rangel – a couple of our long-term members – are also chatting through Zoom with other TAG members as a small group.

We hope with the PM’s easing of some restrictions will keep being extended and who knows we may be able to have a couple of regional meetings before the end of the year? I wouldn’t bank on it though.

Unfortunately, as you know we are not going to have our Family Weekend this year with its legally required AGM. The Charity Commission are allowing charities a lee- way of 12 months to carry over charity’s reporting because of Covid-19.

Dean Broome who has been a trustee for 3 years has decided to step down. Thank you, Dean, for the help, advice and your contribution to the trustees and TAG generally. He isn’t disappearing as he will continue to represent us at the AMC clinics in Oswestry, and Birmingham. Luckily, we have had 2 volunteers that have offered themselves to become trustees, thank you. 

However, we are still looking for more trustees so if you are interested then please contact us.

When we get back to ‘normality’ - whatever and whenever that may be – TAG would like to be ready to run. This especially includes the various clinics. Like the trustees we are still looking for volunteers that can represent TAG and chat to the parents attending these clinics with their children. We will of course give the simple training that’s needed to enable you to do this. Again, if you are interested please contact us.

I know we have to be sensible as many of us have underlying conditions so please be careful.

Best wishes from all the Trustees,



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