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TAG Board of Trustees

Donna Davis

Donna Davis - Secretary

Hello, my name is Donna Davis, I live in Wales with my husband Chris and 2 children, Sarah - Louise and Brandon -  Lee.  I was born with Arthrogryposis, it affects me in my arms, wrists,  legs and feet. Most of my joints were fused at birth. 

I am a qualified level 2 nursery nurse and have worked voluntary for Home start and in numerous schools and  crèches with children between the ages of birth and 10 years old.

I have a lot of spare time and commitment that I can offer to TAG. 



Vicki Adey - Treasurer

Hi, my name is Vicki. I have been a member of TAG for several years. I have distal arthrogryposis and am married to a lovely, kind caring man who is my rock. I love the concept of TAG and seeing what can be achieved by all our members. I look forward to getting together and having fun.



Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Hi, my name is Chris Davis. I am married to Donna Davis who was born with AMC and we have two children together. After seeing how much TAG have supported Donna and our family over the years I have decided to join my wife as a trustee and dedicate my time to help others with AMC and TAG as a Charity.





Jane Rowlett